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Excel E-marketing metrics spreadsheets

I originally developed these metrics Excel spreadsheets for Internet marketing training and consulting clients. They were also developed to support students using my Digital Marketing Books and following Digital marketing training courses and qualifications, such as those from the Chartered Institute of Marketing and Institute of Direct Marketing. I have made them available to all to help with digital marketing.

These Excel online marketing spreadsheets are available:

1.E-marketing planning and budgeting models spreadsheet
Enables marketers to model an annual or campaign online marketing budget based on % spend on different digital media channels including online advertising, paid search, natural search, affiliates, sponsorship and email lists plus internal inventory. Contains different formats of worksheets for site conversion, media mix and e-mail marketing modelling. Conversion rates can be set for each digital media channel to calculate overall sales levels (although value not included).

2.Online revenue models spreadsheet
This spreadsheet is for media site owners to estimate ad or affiliate marketing revenue from a site or section of site. It allows parameters such as % inventory, number of ad units, CPM and CPC to be set. Total revenue for each ad unit or container and corresponding Earnings per 100 clicks (EPC) or Earnings per thousand page views (eCPM) are calculated automatically.

3. Web Site Metrics spreadsheet
This Excel spreadsheet, a simplified version of spreadsheets developed for my clients, is designed specifically for marketing managers and e-commerce managers to help them track changes in the marketing effectiveness of their web properties through time. It is ideal for reporting performance to a senior management team through succinct tables and graphics.

It is designed as a simple tool to be used in conjunction with your existing web audience analysis software such as WebTrends.

Its main benefits are:

• Focus - it is a succinct report focusing on the key primary audience measures

• Time series reporting using graphs

• Automatic calculation of key performance ratios for engagement and conversion

4. E-mail marketing spreadsheet
This spreadsheet, which accompanies Dave Chaffey's book 'Total E-mail Marketing', contains separate worksheets containing:

• A simple conversion-based web marketing model for e-marketing objective setting

• A simple e-mail campaign performance comparison

• Detailed campaign diagnostics for improving campaign performance

• E-newsletter tracking

• An e-mail campaign calculator for evaluating Return on Investment

How to download the spreadsheet?

Please visit my main blog site to download the E-marketing planning spreadsheets.

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